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November - Now What?

This weekend begins deer hunting season in our area. Remington takes another week off, not only to hunt but to finish up with winterizing projects. He does this each year and is really a tradition now, here on our little homestead. October he took a week off. He acquired another week for vacation after being with the same company for 10 years. Remington cleaned out the chicken coop and the barn and started another compost pile.

So next week on Monday we will be going to the Meat Processor in Swanville to pick up the smoked turkeys. We are really excited to try their end product. They use a brine just like our processor did in Aitkin. This will be, I'm sure a yearly tradition. It makes me happy to know that these markers of each season truly remind us of our blessings.

I have one tray left of apples to process...I just didn't get to it last weekend like I had planned. I swear! I'm going to make apple/hot pepper jelly this weekend! Ok, let me word this differently and I will manifest with "I intend make the pepper jelly this weekend"

My online studies for three different certifications continue and I am truly excited about each of them! The Flower Essence online training for Level One has been amazing! Next year I will be continuing with Level 2 and 3. I am almost done with the first year of a 2-year Core Shamanic Training and also the first year of a 3-year Herbalism. I'll be sharing more about each of these trainings through out the winter.

Ok another subject, we made Sushi last week. UMMM! I was a nanny for a Japanese family many, many years ago (way back in the mid 70's) and learned from Mrs. Suzi.

I love to cook, not so much baking. And when I worked as an Admin. Asst. and held cooking classes for their clients those three years, I developed a curriculum that I would like to share each month on this blog. I don't think you'll be disappointed in what you will be learning.

Ok, gotta head to work...yup still working part time as Admin. Asst. I just wanted to share a few insights into what is planned and my intentions of what will be ongoing through out the winter and into next year.

Blessings, Terri

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1 Comment

Nov 03, 2022

Your blog posts for some reason just take me to a different place! Keep them coming!

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