The Cottage

Throughout the past few years I enjoyed TAP (Traveling Art Pub) events in the area. I hoped that this would spark the motivation I needed for creating art again. 

I went with a few different friends and my Mom. TAP usually is hosted by an establishment that serves food and/or drinks. It's a great night out!

2019, I did not do any projects as planned in the cottage. Last winter we had pipes freeze and needed to turn off the water and do some repair.

I have made art in Zentangle. I'm glad I joined a couple "tangle" Facebook groups where artists from around the world share their latest creations and sponsor challenges. Fun!

For the year 2019 I plan on giving a few art workshops at a local community center. I will be implementing a labyrinth making workshop soon.

Creation is an ongoing journey! I'll keep you posted!

first colored yule card.jpg