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The beginning:

Early spring of 2012 brought us to this small homestead in Crow Wing County. Myself, my two sons, many pets and livestock, have adjusted to a down-scaled lifestyle of the homestead life. Our move has been a humbling and exciting experience, changing from full time ranching and homesteading to each of us holding full time jobs in the area workforce.

Homestead living the past 25 years, is and always will be in our hearts. We continue to hone our skills and build on a sustainable lifestyle. Downsized considerably to 15 acres, a more leisure style of homestead has been refreshing...but challenging to say the least.

Updates through the years:

After 5 years settled on this homestead, 2017 was a year of many changes. We are acclimated to working and living in this Central Lakes Community and stewardship of a beautiful but much different landscape.


My oldest son Winchester, has moved on and is enjoying a new life with a partner and her family. Winchester works in the health field and excels in this field of caring for challenged adults.


Remington, my youngest son continues working as large machine operator, and managing the homestead. He is enjoying a bit more free time since we downsized by selling the goats and the Llamas. 


We continue Gardening, raising meat rabbits and sell eggs from our variety of laying hens.

Many medicinal plants such as Mullien grow well in our sandy soil and are welcomed for their healing properties.
We planted 24 Elderberry in 2014 and again in 2015 added 6 more. 2018 we harvested a few berries, 2019 enough to make immune enhancing tincture for the family. 2020 bumper crop to make jelly as well!
2018 herbals did very well and dried chamomile and borage flower for tea blends. 

Homestead Life

Pledge to Mother Earth
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