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2021 - A Challenging Year

August 1st 2021

I semi retired last year and it seems I am busier than ever with two days off and what I thought would be extra time! Here it is the first of August and I haven't posted yet this year. I have taken plenty of pictures and a few videos so I'll make sure to share them.

This last winter was mild, with moderate amount of snow and easily managed with Remington's new tractor. Wow, what a difference; not having to trudge through snow, shoveling or trying to walk within small paths...let alone moving haybales and plowing! Remington made a wide path out to the barn which made it so much easier with my bum knee.

We have had a busy summer! I started plants from seed and tried some new varieties. Remington built another raised bed and decided that with prices of lumber sky high, he use a downed pine tree. It worked perfectly! Strange weather! First off, we had a frost which killed most everything we had planted. Then no rain, and after replanting, the poor young shoots were scorched. So we planted again. Amazingly enough, the garden has been a success but with much watering between the little rain. 

The lawn dried up and we didn't need to mow until after two rains in the middle of July. We had a very small harvest of Sand Cherries and doubt we will have much for apples. We'll see.

Raj our buck rabbit passed away this summer. We believe it was from the heat. We kept one of his sons thank goodness and have had successful litters from him.

I've continued making a few new Flower Essence and collecting wild medicinal plants for drying and making extracts to supply our own medicine chest.

Harvest time has begun; zucchini, beans, potatoes and some peppers. I'm making zucchini relish this weekend!

One great accomplishment, we finally finished building the labyrinth. On Facebook Marketplace we found free rock and picked two loads to build the walkway. Winchester bought me an Arbor to place at the entrance and my Mom bought two grapevines to plant along side the Arbor. We have the mulch yet to place in the walkway and as soon as that is done I'll register it with the Labyrinth locator for visitors to come walk it.

Summer Blessings, Terri

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