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Produce and Product

Farm fresh, range-free eggs. Not fertilized. We will be getting new chick in May 2023. Please inquire for availability fall of 2023.


Our Flemish Giant cross does and bucks are excellent meat producers. Typically we raise about 30 kits each summer. Please inquire for availability from 2022 harvest. Our prices are very competitive at $3.00 per pound with average processed weight of 4-5 pounds.

Flower Essences. Wild crafted and organically grown. Until I become certified as Flower Essence Practitioner in 2024 I offer essences to family and friends.

Seasonal produce, Each year we grow many varieties of peppers, squash and fresh herbs. What we don't sell fresh each week, I can and have some product for purchase. Please inquire for availability.


So many wonderful wild botanicals grow in this area such as these Wild Blue Aster. I wild craft to make Flower Essence and Tea Blends.  Please inquire for availability.

Our Sand Cherry hedge produced an abundant harvest of plump berries  in 2022. We have jelly available for purchase.  Please inquire for availability..


Elderberry provides flowers and berries for teas, jellies, immune building extracts and syrups.


This year I finally harvested enough wild rose hips to dry for tea and make a healing elixir! I started transplanting small plants from the woods about five years ago. I'm grateful!

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