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Flemish Giant Cross Meat Rabbits

We raised rabbits on the old Homestead and when we moved to this area we started again with new breeding stock. I worked with a lady who sold us a couple Flemish Giant cross does. The original does were Flemish/Californian/Chinchilla cross. We purchased a male who was a cross of Flemish and New Zealand. 

Flemish are very calm and docile and the males make excellent pets. 

Follow this link to learn more about Flemish Giant and this link for New Zealand rabbit.


In 2022 we bred five does and had 31 kits. We were really surprised at how many white babies we had. 


We process at 4 months and sell these processed at $3 per pound with average weights at 4 to 5 pounds. Inquire of availability as we have a few left from 2022.

2023 breeding begins in April. Typically we are harvesting in September/October. These are raised primarily on fresh grass/clover mix, hay and free choice rabbit pellets.


One of our does "Gray Girl"


Announcement! Our last doe "Black Mom" finally had her kit! She had only ONE and his name is "Chubbers"! You can image why, and he is already promised to go live a life of luxury with my friend Liana. 

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