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2020 Overview

2020 was a year of extreme change. Not only personally but for the entire world. My son Remington and myself are fortunate to have secure jobs. We are truly grateful.

In January I semi-retired and started a different job. I don't believe I am quite into the swing of having a couple extra days off...but I do know how to "not be doing something all the time"! I've enjoyed creating more artwork, reading and spending time with the critters.

With working part-time, we knew we could add an addition to the family and brought Valor a 12-week old chocolate Lab home. We look back and sometimes wonder what we were thinking when in May we brought Banner an eight week old Brittany home to keep "Val" company. 

We've got a couple of very unique dogs this time around. Val is a typical lab, carrying something in his mouth all the time, is very obedient and a pleaser. But more of a goofer than we ever imagined! Banner is very affectionate in an odd way, but extremely independent. He is very vocal! Both dogs know their tricks for treats; shake, lay down and Banner "speaks"...of course for everything he wants.

Here we are, the middle of December with "Val" at 14 months and "Banny" at 9 months, and still working through "puppy" stuff with Banner. Hunting lessons have been few but successful so far. Not as much as he would like, since Remington has been working again, 6 days a week through most of the year. 


As for the rest of our little homestead; we added 30 more laying chickens, raised 75 broiler chickens and 5 litters of meat rabbit. Pixi has been a single spoiled horse since Chiree was leased out to a young women, early this spring. Chiree is coming back this weekend to retire.

We expanded and added raised beds to our garden area, planted 8 more apple trees and had an extremely fruitful harvest with the Sand Cherries. We now have some lovely jelly to last the winter. The potatoes and squash did extremely well and we were able to donate to the Food Shelf. Our Elderberry provided ample berries for a good supply of not only extract for immune building but also jelly.


Remington bought a tractor this year, which makes managing the homestead so much easier. Moving snow and making walk ways to the critters is really nice!


I continued growing and wild crafting herbals and botanicals, adding to my growing inventory of Flower Essences, herbal blends for tea, tinctures and wellness products for family and friends.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Terri, Remington, Valor and Banner


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