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Pine Ridge Homestead 2018 Intentions


# 1 goal; build a Labyrinth and Medicine Wheel for outdoor meditation. Nature rejuvenates and inspires us. In January I participated in a Labyrinth Teacher's Training and Tending Workshop in the cities. I was inspired again to build and then share to the public in the fall. 


# 2 goal: continue building gardens, introducing more native plants and trees. Tending our berry and fruit trees.


# 3 goal: facilitate and promote creative personal expression in art. The cottage has the space to share this venture. 


# 4 goal: build walking trails and resting spaces for painting and sketching. 

12/16/18 Update:

I always find it interesting when looking back on intentions, the actual outcome and what transpired! 2018 was gone in a blink of an eye, don't you agree?

The number One Goal never came to be...but a priority for 2019! I am scheduled to give a labyrinth workshop here on the homestead in September. But our labyrinth will be finished early summer, along with building horse agility courses! 

Goal number Two: We did not build new garden beds, but increased the size of a couple raised beds. We did not plant in the Hulgekulture beds either. These we discovered became a menace as the ground hornets love to nest in them. Instead we needed to use that area for one of the horse paddocks. All of them were bulldozed up into one large bed. Both Chiree and Pixi came back to the homestead. Yeah more horse manure for 2019!

This fall we cleared more brush and trees on the 5 acres that was originally cleared by the goats (2012-2016). We planted seed, and are really anxious to see what comes up this spring.

Number Three Goal was not implemented in the cottage. Instead I gave a couple workshops at a small community center. This year I plan to facilitate a labyrinth building workshop and a couple other art activities at the community center again. The cottage is just not big enough for many people at one time, so I'll continue to use the space as an office space and personal and health care creations.

Number Four is still a vision with walking trails, but maybe for the horse agility courses. During the summer we plan on creating courses prescribed by the International Equestrian Agility Club to promote and compete with other Equestrian Agility Members around the world. Pixi is entered in the Agility Club.

Blessings, Terri

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