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2020 - Celebrating First Harvest "Lammas or Lughnasagh"

I just went out to the garden and took a video of the Sandcherries and apple trees. They are located on the top of our garden along our property line. This is a picture of them in full bloom. An amazing aroma fills the air!

The Sandcherries are creating a nice privacy fence and we hope to transplant and build another hedge further along out line.

I picked a batch of cherries, my mom made jelly and we will pick again tomorrow.

Celebrating this first harvest is being mindful of the season and enjoying all the goodies from the garden, processing and storing for the winter ahead.

The herbs have done well this year. I've collected quite a few medicinal wild herbs, botanicals and flowers. Today I am making Lemon Balm tincture and drying some for tea.

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