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August 8th - Beans, Beans, What the Beans?

My Mom's birthday was yesterday and she came out to celebrate with us. She is 86 and runs circles around me! Remington bought Halibut and Walleye and cooked on the grill. Mom came just in time to help me make the Zucchini Hot dish and Potatoes to put on the grill also.

We picked beans and Remington picked more Zucchini (no surprise there!). We prepped the beans and I will can those today. This is our second batch of canning. The first batch were in pints (18 total) using the oven method. I have canned meat using this method before and appreciate the fact that you don't have to baby-sit as you do with a pressure cooker or the water bath way.

I imagine we have a couple more batches to can as well as have fresh meals a few times. We planted green and red beans and Dragon Tongue. We actually have a volunteer plant or two from last years purple beans.

BTW, see Banner eyeing the beans. Both Banner and Valor love raw beans and wait patiently for the "big ones"!

Happy Harvest!


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