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Memory Lane- Old Blog Posts

I'm sharing two of my old blog posts from Blogspot. Mostly as reference for myself. I will have to dig through old info for the passwords to do anything other than view them.

On the old Homestead in Aitkin I blogged often for my "Cedarhaven Creations" soaping and herbal business as well as general homestead adventures.

A little history about the building I converted to my herbal shop: there was a house built by an Uncle and his wife next to the farm house that was on 5 acres that they purchased from Gordy and Breezy. Shortly after they moved in she passed away and Uncle no longer wanted to live there alone, so it was sold back. I don't know how many years later, but son Keith and his wife Gina moved in and lived there for many free. When Gordy the patriarch of the homestead passed away, brother Keith and Gina were no longer given the privilege of living there rent free and they moved out.

The building we now named "bunkhouse" was empty for a couple years and that's when I decided it would be put into good use as a herb shop/soaping business. It took me over a year to pretty much gut the house and be ready to utilize the space. During that time I had continued to hone my skills making soap, growing and learning about herbs before I actually started making product there. Here are a few photos of the "bunkhouse", and later named "Rustic Rooster Art Project" where I created "Cedarhaven Creations" products.

The bunkhouse was beside our acre garden spot. This is the backside where we had a couple greenhouse structures to move the started plants to before planting in the garden.

The front of the bunkhouse displayed a collection of "antique stuff" we found around the farm. I still have the windchime that Aunt Gina made for the shop in the image of the rooster logo I used for the shop.

This is the kitchen where product was made. My mom helped so much fixing up and painting and we chose very bold colors of yellow, blue and red. It was pretty cool!

This was the one back room that I kept supplies and product ready for sale.

The back room was another supply area as well as where I dried herbs and made tea blends. Eventually I started holding classes and then had artist consignments as well.

I'll add a few more pics later on to this page. I'm glad I went down this memory lane and shared it. Those experiences help shape where I am today on my path of Shamanic Healer, Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner.

Blessings, Terri

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