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I thought we were done with the Beans

But, last week we had another small harvest. My mom came over and we prepped them for fresh eating. Val our Chocolate Lab loves beans. Banner, not so much and will eat a few. I took a pic of my mom giving Val another bean.

I planted the Dragon's Tongue bean and just love this variety. Eaten fresh even when they grow huge, never get tough or stringy. They can be left to grow and harvest for dried beans. These are heirloom, so I do save seeds to plant the next year.

We actually had a couple plants of the purple variety "volunteer" and come up from last year. I had forgotten they were heirloom and a few beans were left behind in the bed.

I'm going to say, I'm done with the beans and pull up the green and red plants. I'll leave the rest of what is growing of the Dragon's Tongue for drying.

Do you remember the saying "Well aint that the berries"? I'm going to say "Well aint that the beans"!

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