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It's Harvest time...eeeek!

It's a bumper crop of Elderberries and Peppers this year....sadly the turks have discovered the Elderberry grove on their wanderings and are enjoying the bounty as well! I'm picking right away in the morning before they are let out at chore time.

I just made another gallon of Elderberry tincture. When I harvest again I'll probably freeze them and make jelly when things slow down.

We were worried that we wouldn't have enough hot peppers this year, and boy were we wrong. Last weekend we made sweet hot pepper pickles with the Habanero crossed with Ghost (see pic below...aren't they beautiful?!) along with some Anaheim and Jalapeno. Remington brought a jar to work and had his co-workers test them. They were a hit, so I guess we will be making another batch this weekend. I just used a Bread and Butter Pickle recipe.

We picked the Hops and I made an extract and am drying some for sleep pillows. It has been a couple years since the vine produced well and I was almost out of extract. Hops is a wonderful sleep aid. I'm anxious though to compare the Hops with the Linden Flower Extract I made. I'll keep you posted.

Well, it's been a gorgeous day and it looks like the Labor Day Weekend will be also.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Harvest Blessings,


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