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June 28th - Gaia provides what we most need

About three years ago, this Motherwort started growing by the deck. The next year it was by the Willow next to the cottage and also by the barn.

This year I have a huge patch by the barn and enough to provide that I've made a Flower Essence and am drying lots for Tea. Visit my Essence page to learn about the properties.

There is an abundance this year of Motherwort, Yarrow, Catnip, Wormwood and wild Daisy. It always amazes me what Gaia provides what we most need.

Wormwood and Yarrow are "brewing" for tincture that I use in my bug spray. Along with Essential Oils, this is a great alternative to commercial bug spray. I also add Catnip Tincture which has been proven to be an amazing bug deterrent.

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