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Making Horseradish

Last Sunday we dug up and processed the horseradish...outside...windy, cold day.

Anyone who has ever processed horseradish knows it MUST be made outside. I remember the first time I made it on the old homestead indoors. With handkerchiefs over our noses and mouths...which didn't help much. It was never done inside EVER again!

Our patch is on it's 2nd year of growing. Last year we dug up just a little to make the Fire Cider. This year we processed about seven Cups! We made a sauce and it was awesome on steak!

Val thought we were looking for mice too...such a silly pupper!

There were not a lot of large roots yet, but these small ones were sure potent.

We made sure to cut up the pieces real small.

I'm glad we had bought a new food processor. It took quite a while to grind the roots.

Next year we hope for a much larger crop and maybe we will be able to share.

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