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October Final Harvest - Samhain

The final week of October with a couple amazing bright sunsets, has been cold and windy with over cast skies intermittent sunshine and warmth. I've been taking those daily moments to sit outside with a book and hanging out with the dogs and Pixi.

I sit across the driveway from Pixi's corral and she usually stands by the gate and munches hay to visit me. If anyone has heard about the "Water Hole Method" of bonding with your horse, you will understand the significance of hanging out with your horse. BTW Pixi is my fourth perfect/bonded (1st-Blaze, 2nd-Pyote, 3rd-Greyboy) horse in my 50 plus years of owning horses. Although we no longer ride we love our time together in moments like these, hanging out, going for walks and quick visits through out the day.

When we harvested the apples, we were surprised when we had more than we expected. The crabapple tree produced for the first time since we've moved here 10 1/2 years ago. I made apple sauce with those and the other apples from the one tree that produced. Our amazing eating apple tree had maybe a half a dozen this year. All of the trees we planted two years ago on the backside of the garden produced two apples. We did loose three of them from the drought last year.

So what do I have left to process from our final harvests? Hot peppers, that I'll make into pepper jellies. I'll make an apple/pepper batch or two which has proved to be a favorite of a couple friends. I bought some frozen Mango and I'll make a couple batches as well as just plain.

I am thankful for the amazing bounty from our gardens this year! But I'm not sorry to say, I'm glad I'm almost done with the processing. I went all out and canned like a fool this year! We actually sold out of our Mild Salsa already. We've got pre-orders for next year already!

Ok, time to get ready for work...enjoy your weekend while the veil thins and may your ancestors speak to you and give you insight this coming Samhain.

Blessings, Terri

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