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Snow Days

I knew I hadn't posted anything for awhile and was surprised to see it has been over a month. But November was a busy month with deer hunting, buckling down the hatches to ready for winter.

I'd like to start this post with one of my Grandmother's poems along with a couple pictures from the snow storm that hit us last week.

Winter's Handiwork

The snow has ceased to fall

And all the world is still,

Gray clouds are appliqued against the sky

Above the white-roofed hill.

The firs are richly clad

In ermine robes that gleam.

A frosting over hands the river's edge

Where it narrows to a stream.

The fence is trimmed with lace

And cotton candy fluff.

Each silhouetted rock is softened now

With a lamb's wool powder puff.

Oh, lovely is the scene

Where magic lends a glow;

Identities are lost in winter's charm

To the artistry of snow.

Maude G. Booth

My Grandmother was a published poet and each of us (Grandchildren) have a collection of all of her poems that Aunt Louise gifted us. I treasure these and find a poem appropriate for each season and life's celebration.

I believe we had an accumulation of over a foot of snow in two-three days. Heavy, wet snow that is covering the trees and breaking with the weight. Yes, very beautiful as my photos prove.

But, there are still power outages through out the area and with the cold temperatures moving in this weekend it is very perilous for many.

I wanted to share another photo that Remington took the weekend before all of this snow arrived. It had been very windy for a few days and on Sunday we were walking through the barn yard. We came across "Elemental Air (Wind) Art". Amazing! In all my years, this is the first time to see this design made by the wind. A simple leaf and this Elemental created this.

May you also find simple pleasures and become inspired by the natural art that surrounds you! The snow storm is also of the "Elemental of Water (snow)" to be in awe...

Remember the root of the word AWEsome is AWE! We are definitely in Some Awe this winter....

Winter Blessings, Terri

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