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Winding On Down...

Last Sunday we were out in the garden most of the day with some final harvesting. Remington had built a "tent/greenhouse" type protection over his specialty hot peppers. They are ripening fast and we have picked a couple nice bowls and sold them already. But with frost expected tomorrow night or Thursday...well he didn't want to chance loosing them before they were ready.

We picked all but the mini bell and specialty hot peppers along with the few remaining beets. I actually picked a meals-worth of green beans as those are all done for the season now. Val and Banner were in the garden area with us and they ate some of the beans that had grown to large for anything but...goofy pups.

We've made 54 pints of salsa so far and today I'm making another smaller batch and keeping it mild. There will be tomatoes yet to can for sauce or convenience.

Believe it or not the zucchini and crookneck summer squash is still growing. I'm ready for it to be done and over with!

This batch of salsa that I'm making today has the Green Zebra along with Roma tomatoes. The Zebra are a bit more tangy and make for a lively batch.

So aside from canning today I have the Elderberry Extract to strain and bottle and get the last of the Lemon Balm in the dehydrator.

With our future food supply in question this year (that topic is for another blog post)...and the main reason we are canning and preserving more than I have in the last ten years since moving to our little homestead. On the old homestead in Aitkin County it was not uncommon each year to make three times the Salsa than I have this year.

Ok off I go to finish up this Salsa and don't forget that the Autumn Equinox is in two days, so make sure to celebrate with gratitude all the abundance our Mother Earth Gaia provides.

Blessings, Terri

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