2020 Update

2020 has been times of change and reminiscence. 

We started out the year without any dog kids. This was so odd as we have always had one or more as part of the family since the beginning. Beginning I mean being a family on the old homestead.  

Little Man passed Fall of 2019 and Rambo passed earlier in the year. Nelli passed 2018 and Brewsky in 2017 or was it 2016. 



January we decided we were ready and Valor was brought home a 12 week Chocolate Lab. As if that wasn't enough excitement, in May we added Banner an eight week old Brittany Spaniel.

We've got a couple of very unique dogs this time around. Val is in many ways a typical lab, and very obedient...even when he knows he's going to get scolded. Banner is very lovable and personable but independent. Some would call that "hard-headed". We are heading into the terrible twos (4-6 month).

But we are immensely entertained every day and that's what makes having two puppies at one time well worth it!

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