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Llama Poo & Llama Poo Tea Too...

Sultan and Princess poop in piles. How convenient for collecting.

Magical "Beans"

Amazingly enough, llamas produce small manure "beans" that are a time-release fertilizer for your house plants and your gardens.  Llama Poo is a nearly perfect fertilizer. (Check out the Manure Composition Chart below). The "beans" won’t burn plants the way many other natural fertilizers or synthetic chemicals can, and even fresh "beans" can be spread around plants. Of course the "bean" piles can be left undisturbed for a month or more which will break down into a rich, powdery fertilizer that is ready for use, where and whenever you are. 

Llama "beans" and llama poo tea, being the ultimate fertilizer for your garden and plants, will not deplete the soil of micro-nutrients, and leech into drinking water. And to top it off, Llama "beans" are nearly odorless!

Llama Poo Tea & Useage


To make Llama Poo Tea just add a cup or two to a 5 gallon pail, add water and let brew for 24 hours. Pour off liquid and use it on your house plants (approximately 1 cup for larger plants and smaller amounts accordingly). Pour generously along plants in the garden, flower beds or outside container plants and flowers. Continue to add water and use until the water becomes clear. Then discard the left over Llama "beans" into in your garden.

Manure Composition Chart
Llama Pope Industries

Our Llama Poo is dried and bagged in conve nient 1# portions for brewing easy Llama Poo Tea. Please inquire for availability.

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