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7/11/20 Update for 2019

Working full time and homesteading continues to be a challenge. But in the spring of 2019 Remington did some dirt work and cleaned up some of the 5 acre woods on the Southwest side of the property behind the barn. We were surprised to see a variety of wild flowers that had set in and the wild hyssop was abundant! Naturally I harvested enough for tea blends. 

Many intentions we planned for 2018 did not come to fruition. It was an extremely wet summer but we did move some of our garden beds into a central location.  We enclosed the entire area with livestock panels and chicken wire to keep the chickens and deer out. However the deer continue to raid the apple trees in the fall, but didn't damage the limbs too bad over the winter. 


Tomatoes didn't do well that we had planted in the tractor tires and we'll remember that for next year. But, the peppers loved growing in the tires and we had a bumper crop; both mild and hot varieties.

Thanks for visiting, Terri

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