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Turkeys and Guinea Fowl Escapades!

The turks are a marauding band of nuisance! Monday night two hens were up on the cottage tin roof! They fly out of the barn yard fence and roam around the yard, driveway, pastures, corrals...well everywhere! They have discovered the apple trees too and are jumping up to peck at the apples. Although they are specifically bred for foraging and feed costs are way low, we will NOT be raising this breed again. They are called Artesian Broad Breasted. I actually wrote the hatchery and suggested they include in their description that they fly!

They are teaching the Guineas to escape as well...ugh! We integrated the chicks to the chicken coop with our one male Guinea and he took them under his wing and showing them the ropes. He has always stayed in the barn yard but not anymore now that the turks are on the move. Live and learn!

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