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End of July and Lammas First Harvest

Wow did July fly by or what?! This has been a very busy month with making Flower Essence, tending the garden with weeding and just this last week our first harvest of Green beans!

I follow the "Old World Turning of the Wheel" seasonal holidays. I have always loved nature and have been in-tune with the seasonal changes. For over twenty years we lived on the old homestead in Aitkin County and lived our lives in synch with the seasons and nature's cycle.

The Sand Cherry's are almost ready to harvest and it appears to be another bumper crop like two years ago. I'll make juice to freeze until I have more time to make syrup and jelly.

The Elderberry are ripening as well; I will be making a tincture for Immune Building again this year. I have a good supply from last year, so if you would like to stock up, I've got a special going on right now. Visit my Tincture/Extract/Elixir Page.

Ok, I just wanted to touch bases and give you a quick update. Out I go to collect Onion Flower and make a new Flower Essence.

Summer Blessings and Happy First Harvest!


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