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June - Month of gardening and so much more!

Saturday, June 4th

It is another beautiful sunny morning. Remington works today, so I'll be spending the morning with a friend and visiting The Backyard Greenhouse in Crosby.

I'm sure I'll find some yard art as she always has such cool stuff!

Last weekend we were able to get some garden work done. But it was windy and rainy. The potatoes are in the ground. We bought some grey rock at Moonlite landscape and Nursery and filled in by our front walk way. The lawnmower blew the deck belt so mowing didn't get done. Always something!

Tomorrow we will jam and get the garden planted and mow the lawn.

I have made a few more Flower Essence; Aspen, Oak and Horseradish and keeping a keen eye for any other that I need for my inventory. The picture to the right is the horseradish in bloom.

The Sand Cherries have just finished blooming. We anticipate a great crop for jelly or juice making this year!

The Lilac's are in full bloom! I think I'll dry some for teas!

The bunnies are almost a month old, eating well and growing fast. We have two females who we hope will be having babies this next week.

The turkeys are feathering out and all alive and flying! We tried a different breed this year that are foragers. Artisan Bronze from Murray McMurray. That should help with the feed cost.

I want to share an accomplishment that I'm excited about. The picture with red flowers is the Poinsettia I saved from two Christmas's ago and it's blooming! Obviously not the right season but what the heck, what a fun addition to the Hosta garden! I plan on making a Flower Essence of the Poinsettia as well.

May you all have a wonderful weekend!

blessings, Terri


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