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What's been going on - March through May

Friday, March 18th - Spring has arrived!

Today as I write, March 18th we are enjoying spring time temperatures and major melting. The dogs will be sad when their snow pile is melted but they sure have enjoyed their look-out.

This weekend I'll be starting seeds in the cottage and planning the gardens. We will tap the two maples in our yard so we will enjoy drinking the sap. I hope you too are blessed with time spent outdoors and enjoying the sun.

Spring Equinox will be here in a couple days as we experience the final energy of the full moon in Virgo.

Yup, I follow the moon cycles pretty closely. If at all possible I plant my garden with the moon cycle. It's not always possible living with Minnesota's weather.

The chickens are so happy now that they can come out of their coop. It's been a very harsh, and unbearable winter. We had so much snow!

I am holding off "planning" projects for the summer. I have ideas what I would like to accomplish. The Labyrinth will be mulched, that's a sure thing. I have registered it with the Labyrinth map finder.

Blahhh April!!!

Not much to write but that we are not so patiently waiting for warmer weather.

Tuesday, May 3rd - Getting it done!

Today as I write, the sun is out with a chilly breeze but it's another beautiful day. As you can see, the plants are growing crazy in the "plant room" in the cottage. We converted the back room to start our seedlings. This by far of anything we have tried, seems to work the best, since we don't have an actual green house.

We have been bringing Pixi my Palomino Paint mare, across the driveway to her pasture since last weekend. The grass is finally greening and growing. A good thing as we are down to our last round bale.

Baby Bunnies are due sometime this week. We have five females that we hope have all settled. If not we will be breeding again next week.

Please check our produce and product page often and see what is available this Spring and then into Summer.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you look around and enjoy the homestead.

Monday, May 16th

Since last I wrote I've been slowly but surely cleaning and raking the Hosta and flower beds around the house.

Last weekend Remington had Saturday off, so we went to Moonlite Nursery twice for loads of black dirt. This year we needed to add more dirt to freshen up our raised beds and rows in the garden. Up until now, we have had enough compost to amend the garden each year. We planted seed in two raised beds of lettuce, kohlrabi, Chinese broccoli and an Oriental green.

Our horseradish patch is doing amazing! It is spreading and we are sure we will be able to process some this fall. We might even have enough to share!

We had a full day yesterday. We brought most of the plants outside on tables to begin the hardening off. The wind was a bit much for them but they will be ok. some of the tomatoes have gotten so spindly...again I started seeds too early! We planted the cabbage plants in one of the raised beds. We also filled in the "herb" tires with fresh dirt.

Last night we watched the full Blood Moon and Eclipse just as it was getting started. Pretty awesome!

Ok bunny update! Three batches were born on the 4th and the 5th. As best we can count (they hop around so much), we have about 20 plus babies.

Lots of white ones this year! We bred the other two females again that didn't kit and will hopefully have a couple more batches in a month.

Today is another beautiful sunny day. I hope the wind calms down. I have more piles of leaves to move to the area that we are expanding the squash bed.

Pixi is in her pasture full time now. We opened up the two corral areas so Chiree can go back and forth and get some fresh grass. We are still rationing the last hay bale. We wish we could have the two mares together in the pasture but...Chiree is not a kind girlfriend to Pixi. With Pixi's health issues we just can't chance it.

​Spring blessings,


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